Snow Hiking in Boulder

The snowstorm that descending on the Front Range February 2nd and 3rd was a record breaker—the most snow in the month of February since records had been kept in the area. It was certainly a lot of moisture. Boulder got close to 18 inches of heavy, wet snow.

A day after the snow stopped falling, we went on a snow hike on the NCAR Mesa to South Mesa trail, all the way to the Enchanted Mesa Trail (3 miles roundtrip). We decided against wearing snowshoes and just opted for some YakTrax and poles. The trail was packed enough to provide decent support. It always amazes me how quickly the trails get traveled after a snowfall on the Front Range. The locals must not only get out there right after the snow stops falling, I bet they must hike while it’s snowing, or how else can they find the trail if nearly 2 feet of snow covers it? I bet that would be quite the hike in a blizzard. I’ll have to try that next time.

The path through the snowy woods felt magical and enveloping. The snow dribbled off steep areas like in miniature avalanches. A creek flowed under a soft, billowy dome of white. Chickadees called out to each other and celebrated the sun. And humans made tracks for other humans to follow, so that we could all play in winter’s gift.

2 thoughts on “Snow Hiking in Boulder”

  1. I really like how blue the last image is. You really were enveloped by the snow. It looks really hushed and still.

  2. I loved this post because I could totally relate! I hike those same trails, and I wonder how the first people out there know where the trail goes in some spots. The landscape looks so different under all that snow. The only trail that was rough going without snowshoes was Flagstaff until it got packed down. Have you tried MicroSpikes? I have a post about winter hiking on my blog with photos of them.

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