Living Resiliently Workshop March 10, 2012

You’ve been following the news in recent years and you sense that great changes are taking place in the world because of problems around energy, the economy and the environment. You may have even done some preparations for the future, such as learning how to garden, or paying off debt, or stockpiling non-perishable food in the event of a food shortage or inflation. You’ve made sure that you’re preparing your external “bunker” for what promises to be hard times ahead.

But what have you done to prepare your “internal bunker”? Are you prepared emotionally and spiritually for the coming chaos? How can you be sure you’re as resilient as possible?

During a recent free workshop I co-facilitated with Carolyn Baker on Feburary 4th in Denver, we revealed the “3 Keys to Resilience” in uncertain times. They are:


1. Develop a strong community, because community is what will support, help and feed you (literally and spiritually) in hard times.


2. Cultivate a rich inner life, which includes a daily contemplative practice, journaling, time in nature, and other tools to know yourself deeply.


3. Build emotional resilience, so that you can feel what you will feel and be able to bounce back.


This workshop was extremely successful. Attendees met with others who shared their concerns. We fielded very good questions, listened to heart-felt comments, engaged in deep dialog, moved about, and sat quietly. We worked hard, but we also left feeling revitalized and invigorated.


If you attended our free event on February 4, you only scratched the surface of developing emotional resilience. Iwant you to join us as we go deeper and drop into more substantial layers of emotional resilience and building community with each other. I look forward to spending a day with you in work and celebration as we support each other in navigating an uncertain future.


In the full-day workshop on March 10th, we will utilize discussion, contemplative activities, storytelling and drumming and special meditations to:


  • Provide you with tools for strengthening your own emotional resilience, deal with the dark emotions of despair, grief and anxiety
  • Provide you with the opportunity to connect with others who are developing their emotional resilience
  • Provide you with a break from the linear/rational/ego-based consciousness of a culture in decline and offer you the opportunity to access your heart
  • Provide you with an opportunity to experience the joy of emotional and spiritual preparation for an uncertain future


I encourage you to register today for this unique workshop on March 10th. To register, download and return this form: RegistrationMarch10&LiabilityRelease or email for more info.

Here’s what participants from the free, 3-hour workshop we did on Feb. 4th had to say about their experience:

“An excellent workshop! The activities, group discussions and journal exercises brought forth feelings and emotions that many of us have been in denial about. Both Margaret and Carolyn were able to create an atmosphere of healthy, supportive communication so we all felt safe to express our feelings. I took away some extremely valuable tools for becoming more resilient in a time of stress and chaos.” —Cindy W.

“Carolyn and Margaret know what’s real and what’s important for now and in the times to come.  Learning to increase our emotional resilience is of utmost importance.  We can prepare by storing food, etc. but Katrina and local wildfires showed us that what we’ve stored can be lost.  Then what?”  –Ellem MacQueen