yankeeboyourayWild Wisdom: A Year of Personal Growth

through Medicine Walks and Contemplative Hikes 


Feeling stuck and unfulfilled?

Going through a transition in your life?

Do you long to have a more spiritual experience in nature?

If so, we invite you to join us for this series of 1-day group retreats, during which you’ll do a Medicine Walk and learn how to use contemplative time in nature for self-discovery and personal growth.

montana-avalanche-treeWhat is a Medicine Walk?
The Medicine Walk is a practice of connecting to community, nature, and a personal intention.  What inner or outer transitions are you experiencing? Are there things you are releasing in your life? Things you are cultivating or starting anew? Is there a change you would like to mark? Do you just need some “you time” in nature? Are world events wearing on your heart?

During the Medicine Walk:

1) We will help each participant clarify a personal intention statement or question to take out on their nature walk.
2) We will offer a teaching or practice on how to bring this intention on your walk in a way that may bring you some clarity or support.
3) You will have about an hour of solo time in nature.
4) We will then come back together as a group and each person will share a bit about their experience. This is where Christi will help you seek to understand the medicine—the support, the healing, the insight—to take back into your daily life.

What is a Contemplative Hike?group-in-woods-sm A contemplative hike is a hike that is done silently and with intention to bring awareness both to the outer (the landscape, the environment) and to the inner (your thoughts, emotions, sensations). A contemplative hike seeks to help you feel more connected to nature through presence and mindfulness.

The skills you’ll learn during the contemplative hikes—which will occur either in conjunction with the Medicine Walk or on a separate day—will help you learn how to quiet your mind, amplify your senses, improve your mood and stay present.

DATES (tentative, and you can attend one or all):
May 6, 2017
July 8 & 15, 2017 (mornings)
September 30, 2017
February 3, 2018

COST: FREE (Donations gratefully accepted)

LOCATION: Within an hour or less of downtown Ridgway, Colorado. Exact location will be shared when you sign up.

TO SIGN UP: (Limited to 10 participants)
Email Christi  to register or call Margaret at 303-596-7230

LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: We may walk or hike about 4 miles round trip on these Medicine Walks or group hikes. We will select terrain that is low to average in difficulty, therefore, an average state of physical fitness is recommended.

WHAT PAST PARTICIPANTS HAVE SAID: “Christi has the special ability to help participants really focus their intention and gain deeper insight from the Medicine Walk experience. Each Walk I’ve done has led to clarity in my life that has continued expanding long afterwards.”  L.G.

“A medicine walk with Christi is a listening practice that engages all of my senses, encourages my love for serious play, and opens my heart and mind to embrace every aspect of my experience. I have danced with trees, cried with mountains, been followed by flowers, and conversed with bees. Each walk is new and exciting, and the experience helps me explore an aspect of myself that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.”  C.C.
“Margaret’s retreat was special on many levels: the hikes were spectacularly beautiful, the experiential mindfulness exercises eye-opening…the group discussions very thought-provoking. Give yourself the gift of some special time outside your normal work-a-day world” M.H.


christi headshot USE THISChristi Strickland
Christi is a group coach and organizational trainer living in the Uncompahgre Valley of Colorado. She is guided by the earth and the magic created in community, as well as her 20 years experience as an educator and wilderness rites of passage guide. She holds an MA in Transpersonal Counseling psychology and has trained with School of Lost Borders and Animas Valley Institute.

margaret-hiking-moabMargaret Emerson

Margaret holds a master’s degree in Ecopsychology and is the author of Contemplative Hiking Along the Colorado Front Range. She’s led more than 70 contemplative group hikes and several nature retreats in Colorado since 2009. She’s also a freelance writer and graphic designer.