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  1. Margaret, everyone I gave the book to has been so appreciative, whether they live in Colorado or not. I thought it would stimulate family members in other beautiful locations in California, Oregon and Virginia to look at their own areas more deeply and it has.

    I love it, too!

    Happy new year!


  2. I’ve just graduated from Vanderbilt University and feel overwhelmed with my failure to put this to use at a top-notch firm or company. My heart tells me that I should follow my passion for hiking and the benefits it has provided me in understanding myself and what it is to be human. I know that you have led groups on silent hikes and are an ecopsychologist- I’m wondering what advice you can give me as I look for a job in this field while attempting to achieve financial independence.

  3. Hi Brianna,
    I understand your frustration, especially if your degree was in a field that doesn’t necessarily have a “listing” on or wherever. There are certainly no jobs out there for ecopsychologists, per se, you have to make up a business for yourself based on your skills and interests and experience.

    If you like hiking, you might consider jobs where you can put your other skills and experience to use. You can get a job working for a non-profit that does trail work in your area (in my area it’s the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative and Continental Divide Trail Alliance), in their corporate development or other administrative capacity. You could look into starting your own outfitting business, depending where you live.

    Degrees like ecopsychology do require some creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in order to make a living and still do what you believe it. It’s very challenging in this cubicle-corporate culture. But it’s not impossible. There are a lot of people doing things like teaching fly fishing, outfitting, leading retreats, supervising trail work or park ranging. It just depends on your other skills.

  4. Hi, Margaret,
    I discovered your website when I did a search on contemplative hiking. I recently finished a book-Affair with a Forest-Streams of Silence which came out of a similar experience so I want to tip my hat to you as a kindred spirit.

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